Who says a baby changes your life?

We must be grown-ups.

Well, actually, judging by the number of beer bottles on the table, maybe not.

On Saturday we spent four brilliant hours in our local coffee/BYOB shop catching up with some of our best pals. Ross was back from New York and, rather than plan a crazy, boozy, end-up-in-a-club kind of night out we had a very civilised afternoon together. Rod said we got a few disapproving looks from other parents, but I disagree, I think they were looks of envy. For the record, neither mum was drinking. Just goes to show that babies don’t actually stop you doing any of your old habits – they just maybe make you shift them to another part of the day.

(This photo in particular makes me laugh because Rod and Nels have been causing trouble together since they were about 12. Will there be any tricks left for C and F?)

"I bet you my dad can down his beer quicker than yours"



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4 responses to “Who says a baby changes your life?

  1. Michelle Flynn

    Were you drinking in Beanscene? I didn’t think people actually did that. But I’ve always wanted to. Especially during the day! That says more about me than you but lovely pics and boys, and blog post.x

  2. Expat Mammy

    Good for you, why should parents enjoy a beer god knows we deserve one. Everyone in the photos looks very happy

  3. Mummy Rhi

    We had ‘the best’ afternoon! So good to catch up with great friends and even better that the wee ones could be part of it too, spending time together is what being a family is about afterall! As for any disapproving looks, I had my back to the rest of the cafe, ignorance is bliss! ; ) must do it again sometime soon – 6 nations anyone?!

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