Time to change the car seat!

One of my rugby-playing pals used to drive a Nissan Micra and tried to laugh it off by calling himself “the gorilla in the pram”. That’s who the wee man has been reminding me of lately every time I put him in his carseat.
You’re supposed to wait til they’re over 20lb and their heads are poking over the top before you switch to a bigger carseat, plus a rear-facing seat is by far the safest, so we’ve been hanging off.
Today, though we have upgraded and I am pretty excited about his new throne because it swivels!
It’s called a Maxi-Cosi Axiss. It turns to face out and when junior is plugged in it turns to face forward. How amazing is that?! I’m tall and he’s long so it saves us both the head-bumping, back twisting, arm-trapping, leg-bruising rigmarole we used to have to go through every time we used the car (which is a lot).
It was quite expensive in comparison to other car seats we looked at and it doesn’t come with Iso-fix but Mothercare did a price-match with an online site, saving us £40, and the belt passes through a ratchet so it is very secure. It has eight reclining positions, perfect for sleeping on long journeys and is really well-padded and comfy looking.
We’ve only used it once but so far I have no complaints.




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One response to “Time to change the car seat!

  1. Expat Mammy

    my friend loves hers, it perfect for a 4×4 especially if your short like me

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