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F for First Birthday

I thought I’d be a glass case of emotion, crying and snottering for days. In fact the overwhelming feeling this whole week has been relief. Weird huh? Not at all what I expected on such a milestone as the wee man’s first birthday. Everyone kept saying “God it’s been a quick year, hasn’t it?” No, I really don’t think so. I have never learned so much in such a short space of time. I’ve never had to adapt more completely to a new situation – and I’ve lived in two foreign countries. All the cliches about becoming a new mum are true and so I reckon the feeling of relief is down to the fact that I feel like I’ve passed. The wee man is thriving, the house is still standing, my business is still going, my husband hasn’t been completely neglected and my waist is actually 2 inches smaller than it used to be! I’m doing OK. The precarious balance of our new life as responsible adults feels sturdier every day. And man am I smitten. I’m sorry, but I have the cutest baby in all the land. He never stops smiling! He sleeps all night, naps regularly, eats well and entertains me from the minute his wee pudgy arms reach for me and wrap around my neck until his wee thumb goes in after his teeth are brushed at night. So Happy First Birthday angel, thank you for turning our lives upside down, the ceiling is much more fun.

The Wildlife Park was a big hit for his birthday treat!

Big cuddles for Fun Aunt Lis at his party

Hanging out with his girfriend Ruby


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F for First Trip to the Dentist

He only has five and a half teeth, but yesterday the wee man came with me to the dentist for his first check-up.

As part of the Childsmile initiative, all babies are encouraged to go to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears – I guess to make sure we’re brushing their teeth and not giving them too much sugar. We are and I’m not, but I went along for the fun of it.

He had fun in the waiting room and the receptionist was very taken with his hat. I filled out a pretty detailed sign-up form on his behalf (“occupation?” –  “baby”) then we were called in. The dentist asked about his general health and how I was getting on – which was very nice of her. She had a quick look in his mouth and feel of his gums, checked I was brushing his teeth and asked what he was drinking. She advised only water after his dinner, never to give him juice in a bottle, only a sippy cup and that my habit of watering down fresh fruit juice was fine. He got a blue toothbrush – the last one, or else he’d have been very metrosexual with a pink one – and a tube of toothpaste, while I was handed a leaflet and a DVD.

Now, I’m very grateful for the freebies – who doesn’t love a freebie? – but I felt it was kind of unnecessary. I mean, don’t people know not to give their 6 month old tea and coffee? That fizzy drinks are a bad idea for grown-ups, never mind toddlers? And jeez – yes – we know breast milk is the best drink for your baby – do we need another leaflet telling us that? As for the DVD… actually, this is where it’s no longer so funny. Apparently people don’t actually know not to give their kids full-sugar fizzy drinks or sugary cereals or sweets and chocolate for snacks. Some of the first scenes are cute-as-pie primary school kids boasting about their fillings and gum disease and how much they love Irn Bru and ice cream.

So although I only watched the DVD for the purpose of this blog, I would actually advise that parents take a look. The thought of the wee man getting a filling age five just breaks my heart. My mum was always very strict with me when it came to brushing my teeth and she was very careful to limit my sugar intake. It’s a habit I intend to pass on to the wee man.

"Mum, seriously, who needs a snack when I have Sophie Giraffe?"


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F for first baby birthday party

I could have sworn it was only ten minutes ago that Tricia and I sat with our enormous bellies sipping decaf lattes and discussing pram shopping. But no – her little girl turned one year old at the weekend and how cute is she?

"Oh, I know, you're so right, so anyway, I said to him..."

As Tricia and her family are from Boston via New York, we thought it only fitting that the wee man wear his Jets Football shirt with red socks, just to cover his bases:

"Dad, I was just talking to this babe..."

Even though this was an international party, it was still Glasgow and so of course I ended up knowing someone… I met Claire, the Buggyfit instructor who has the west-end franchise and knows Wendy so we chatted away about running in the snow while the wee man watched the Birthday Girl open her presents.

"So what you got there? Can I eat it?"

We sang Happy Birthday and Tricia did very well by not bursting into tears (I am convinced I will) then we ate cupcakes, drank Champagne with strawberries plopped in and nobody was sick on anyone. The non-baby guests mingled pretty happily with the baby-bearing guests and the young couple from downstairs didn’t seem at all freaked out.

Happy Birthday to you!

Just before we left, one of the other little girls, Eilidh, insisted on kissing the wee man goodbye. He was delighted. And so it starts…


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F for First Snow

We woke to white today and, like a child, I was excited.

Two hours later and, like a child, I was in a huff.

I hate snow. I hate dressing a baby for snow. I hate trying to push a buggy through snow. I hate feeling like every passing car is going to skid and hit us. Above all, I hate arriving only to find out the class is cancelled.

And so I trudged all the way home again, trying to cheer myself up with the thought of another coffee and a day at home with my wee one. He fell asleep just as we were arriving so I got some stuff done and when he woke up he was ready to play.

We did loads of tummy time.

We practised sitting in the bumbo chair.

We practised sitting with no bumbo chair.

We read stories in Spanish.

And then the best thing ever happened. I picked him up and he reached right round my neck with both arms, pressed his wee mouth against my cheek and didn’t let go. It was the best kiss and cuddle I’ve ever had.

Who needs a Baby Sensory class when you can have one-on-one time like this?!


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F for Fashion

These trainers will never get muddy

Casual chic

Never too young for a classic

Baby it's cold outside

Counting sheep before bed

Perfect accessory for a Mac-Mum

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