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F for First Trip to the Dentist

He only has five and a half teeth, but yesterday the wee man came with me to the dentist for his first check-up.

As part of the Childsmile initiative, all babies are encouraged to go to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears – I guess to make sure we’re brushing their teeth and not giving them too much sugar. We are and I’m not, but I went along for the fun of it.

He had fun in the waiting room and the receptionist was very taken with his hat. I filled out a pretty detailed sign-up form on his behalf (“occupation?” –  “baby”) then we were called in. The dentist asked about his general health and how I was getting on – which was very nice of her. She had a quick look in his mouth and feel of his gums, checked I was brushing his teeth and asked what he was drinking. She advised only water after his dinner, never to give him juice in a bottle, only a sippy cup and that my habit of watering down fresh fruit juice was fine. He got a blue toothbrush – the last one, or else he’d have been very metrosexual with a pink one – and a tube of toothpaste, while I was handed a leaflet and a DVD.

Now, I’m very grateful for the freebies – who doesn’t love a freebie? – but I felt it was kind of unnecessary. I mean, don’t people know not to give their 6 month old tea and coffee? That fizzy drinks are a bad idea for grown-ups, never mind toddlers? And jeez – yes – we know breast milk is the best drink for your baby – do we need another leaflet telling us that? As for the DVD… actually, this is where it’s no longer so funny. Apparently people don’t actually know not to give their kids full-sugar fizzy drinks or sugary cereals or sweets and chocolate for snacks. Some of the first scenes are cute-as-pie primary school kids boasting about their fillings and gum disease and how much they love Irn Bru and ice cream.

So although I only watched the DVD for the purpose of this blog, I would actually advise that parents take a look. The thought of the wee man getting a filling age five just breaks my heart. My mum was always very strict with me when it came to brushing my teeth and she was very careful to limit my sugar intake. It’s a habit I intend to pass on to the wee man.

"Mum, seriously, who needs a snack when I have Sophie Giraffe?"


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Teething pains

Giving the amber necklace a thumbs up

I didn’t think there could possibly be an upside to my visit to the dentist last week. I lay in the chair shaking as she drilled and filled two teeth and decided it was actually worse than childbirth. But as my wee boy got grumpier and grumpier, I realised I should sympathise, not demonise, as the wee soul gets his first teeth.

To begin with, we weren’t even sure that’s what was up with him. He didn’t have the rosy cheeks or sore bum that everyone told me about. But as I watched him cram eight fingers in his mouth, and got up at 2am for the sixth night in a row, I knew it couldn’t be anything else.

The breatkthrough came on night eight when, having got him down at 3am, he was up again at 4. I reached for the Calpol, gave him 2.5ml, changed him, fed him and put him back down, praying he would sleep. He did. In fact, I had to wake him at 9am.

“If in doubt, drug ’em!” my mum joked, but I really don’t like the idea of stuffing him with pills every time he grumbles, so I’m trying some other stuff too:

New Era homeopathic teething aids: These were recommended by a couple we got chatting to in a coffee shop. They said they were magic and they noticed a huge difference. I’ve found they take a couple of days to kick in, but work really well through the day. The wee man gets two tablets which dissolve on his tongue three times a day before his milk.

Baltic Amber teething necklace: Again, these were recommended by another mum at Buggyfit. Apparently the amber releases soothing oils into the skin. I bought mine on Amber Pumpkin for about a tenner and they arrived in four days. I can’t help but feel it’s a wee bit hippy – and my son is basically wearing a necklace – but we’ll try anything to help him through this!

Calgel teething gel: This seems to give instant relief. He stopped chewing his fingers straight away and grinned as I rubbed it on his poor bumpy gums. It can be used up to six times a day, which is great.

Calpol: I guess a small dose of 2.5ml before bed isn’t going to do him any harm. I did this two nights ago and he slept for 11 hours. I didn’t give him any last night and he still slept 11 hours. Go figure.

So I reckon if I use all the tools in my arsenal I’ll have a happy baby and a well-rested mummy. He looks so cute with his wee rosy cheeks (they appeared yesterday) and I cannot wait to see his first tooth!


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