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Sleep Training Live: Night 1 results


62 times

He got out of his bed 62 times, I counted. He also screamed, shouted NO and whimpered mama – basically using every weapon in his arsenal.

The one tactic I’ve learned over the last few years that really works is divorcing myself from the emotion. So, like an actress assuming a role, I sat on that stool by the door like a mildly curious psychologist. I noted that even though he was chucking his duvet and pillow on the floor, he still climbed back into his bed to scream some more. So he knew he was supposed to stay in there. I suppressed a smile as he rattled the blinds, wrestled with a drawer (trying to pull it all the way out) and aimed a plastic cup at my head. I remained silent. I put him back and put him back and put him back. After the 62nd time he stayed, balanced perilously close to the edge of the bed. Five minutes later he fell out. I put him back. He stayed. The deep breathing began.

I crept out with an enormous smile on my face.

As I climbed back into bed I saw Rod was also grinning. “He only screamed for 15 minutes!” he said.

“I am a Goddess,” I said.


He appeared by my bed. I heard him coming because he knocked a glass of water onto the ironing pile. I calmly got up, took him back to bed and he stayed. He didn’t get out once.


He appeared by my bed. “Rod, you’re up,” I muttered, turning over. I didn’t think we’d get any more sleep out of him, but wanted Rod to try. He started to talk to the Wee Man, and I cut him off. “No talking. Back to bed.” Rod was back in beside me within ten minutes. I couldn’t believe it. “Is he asleep?” I asked.

“Yep,” he said triumphantly.


I was up and dressed and dealing with KD when the wee monkey appeared, bleary eyed and clutching his teddy. I swept him up in a huge hug and praised him to the rafters. He was an angel all morning and went off to nursery (late) full of the joys of his achievement.

I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

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Sleep training live: night 1 part 2


We had just switched off the TV. I was putting the last dishes in the dishwasher… Footsteps.

“And so it starts,” I said, as Rod rolled his eyes.

The wee man was standing in the upstairs hall clutching his teddy. I stayed silent, picked him up, placed him in bed and tucked him in. I sat just inside his door on the stool. He turned back and forth in bed and sighed a bit.

I heard something slip to the floor. It was his duvet. He lay still on his bed without it for a while as I debated whether to get up and put it back. Then the deep breathing began. Could it be?

But now what do I do? He’s asleep on a bed without a cover over him. It’s not that hot in here. Do I put it back now and save myself getting back up in an hour when he’s cold? Or do I take the gamble?

I decide to let sleeping dogs lie…

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Sleep Training Live: Night 1

Laying the foundations

The wee man picked out his own sheets – he chose the ones with penguins and polar bears on them. Christmas in May, fine. We named all the animals. We introduced them to his special cuddly toy, they told him secrets, they wanted him to stay in bed with them all night. He was very taken with the elaborate drama (or maybe more amused by Mummy’s imagination) but there’s no doubt the message has gone in.

Sleepy time

Daddy took over. He put him to bed with no fuss and read a story in a monotone. The wee man was asleep within 15 mins and Daddy crept out with minimal floorboard squeaking due to strategic stickers he’d applied earlier.

8pm and all’s well.

Check back tomorrow for the night report. *thinks positive while shuddering*

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