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Buggy Bootcamp – THE RESULT!

Through rain, snow and Hurricane Bawbag I have been in the park for my twice-weekly Buggy Bootcamp sessions.

For the last six weeks I have followed a strict diet plan. No takeaways, no cakes, no booze, low carbs. Mostly. In the interests of full disclosure I have to admit to a few lapses:

•one drunken night – on gin & slim at least

*one half of a Lindt bunny eaten – thanks to Rod for charitably eating the other half

*one Chinese carryout – there was b*gger all in the house and it was 8.30pm

*two slices of banoffi pie – (two different days) at my mother-in-law’s, a woman you cannot refuse!

Our final session was on a sunshiney day, which made a nice change. Wendy was on a mission though – the hill runs were back in the routine, only this time we had to do FOUR instead of three and straight into press-ups in between, no breaks. A quick drink and we were off again, jogging to the next station for lunges, squats and – you’re kidding right – another hill run? But we had to continue up all the steps at the top? Twice? That’s that Lindt bunny taken care of, no probs.

I thought I’d feel triumph and relief and all sorts when we finished our last stretches – but actually I felt like I’d just started something. I’m going to keep going to Buggyfit twice a week. I feel amazing. I’m sleeping better. I’m worrying less. I’m full of energy and I feel good about myself. I knew before the weigh-in that I’ve reaped the benefits, so I wasn’t too hung up on the final figures. But I was very pleasantly surprised…

I have lost seven pounds!

I have lost three inches from my waist and an inch from each upper arm. My legs have stayed the same.

So thank you Wendy for coming up with a cunning plan to keep us all dedicated through the horrendous weather. I’ve really enjoyed it. In fact, I did my own little Buggyfit session in the park this morning. Here’s to a fitter 2012!



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Getting EVEN MORE Buggyfit

Borrowed from http://www.buggyfit.co.uk, check it out to find a local group

When I first wrote about Buggyfit I joked it was like Buggy Bootcamp. Well, either the instructor read my blog or I’m psychic because now it actually is.

I have signed up to the pre-Christmas, 6-week, twice weekly Buggy Bootcamp which comes complete with nutrition plan and supplementary exercises. Today was session 3 of 12 and I am quite chuffed I’m not dead yet. Far from it, in fact.

I’ve been going once a week since July and I am no longer the sweaty, frizzy, red one at the back – I’m the perspiring, curly, pink one quite near the front. So I thought I should step it up and lose those last few pounds before I pile them all back on over the festive season.

We were all weighed at the start. I was quite disappointed to see I was exactly the same weight as I was when I started Buggyfit four months ago, but as one of the other mums comforted me, we were fully clothed in winter gear. So that must count for a pound or two. The first session was three days after I returned from a ten day holiday in the Canaries so I expected it to be a bit of a kick in the proverbials. It was OK.

The second session, which I went to the following day, was a killer. Even the double-buggy mum overtaking me couldn’t shame me into running another step. Today I actually managed to do 20 press ups, 20 tricep dips, 20 shoulder pulls with the rubber band, run round the pond and then do it all over again – without collapsing! And that was after our hill runs and walking lunges…

As far as the nutrition plan is concerned, I’m pretty much following it. We were at a wedding at the weekend so I’ve written off two days but I’m back on it now. I had forgotten about the extra exercises until one of the mums reminded me today – so I’ll need to shoehorn some abdominal work, lunges and squats into my working mum’s diary somewhere.

My aim is to lose a pound a week. There. I’ve written it down so I have to stick to it. Six pounds in six weeks.

Wish me luck!

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Getting Buggyfit

They call it Buggyfit, but in my head right now it’s Buggy Boot Camp.

Borrowed from http://www.buggyfit.co.uk as I don't want you seeing me all sweaty!

I wasn’t surprised when four kids on bikes stopped and openly gaped at the fifteen mums doing press-ups by their buggies on the grass. To the non-parental eye we must be quite a sight. I took exception to their laughter, however, when we jogged over to the steepest steps in the world and started running up and down. One day they too will have excess flab round the belly button. At least we’re doing something about it.

I sometimes wonder why I’m doing it to myself – I’m exhausted as it is without training for the Olympics. But I always go back and here’s why:
• It’s cheap – at £34 for 8 sessions it is fantastic value
• It’s outside – not a stuffy gym or grimy town hall
• The other mums who go are lovely – we have a coffee (but no cake) afterwards and chat
• It eases my guilt – because I do like the odd chocolate bar to myself
It’s also very varied, there’s no time to dread the crunches before she parks up and tells you to spread ’em (the mats on the grass that is). Her wee boy (who’s nearly three) even cheers us on, shouting ‘YAY!’ just when you’re about to collapse out of ‘the plank’. So although I sometimes feel like I’m going to throw up and I often feel like a bit of an idiot at the back of the pack, I’ve realised that the endorphin rush afterwards sees me through the day. So I would recommend it.


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