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Buggy Bootcamp – THE RESULT!

Through rain, snow and Hurricane Bawbag I have been in the park for my twice-weekly Buggy Bootcamp sessions.

For the last six weeks I have followed a strict diet plan. No takeaways, no cakes, no booze, low carbs. Mostly. In the interests of full disclosure I have to admit to a few lapses:

•one drunken night – on gin & slim at least

*one half of a Lindt bunny eaten – thanks to Rod for charitably eating the other half

*one Chinese carryout – there was b*gger all in the house and it was 8.30pm

*two slices of banoffi pie – (two different days) at my mother-in-law’s, a woman you cannot refuse!

Our final session was on a sunshiney day, which made a nice change. Wendy was on a mission though – the hill runs were back in the routine, only this time we had to do FOUR instead of three and straight into press-ups in between, no breaks. A quick drink and we were off again, jogging to the next station for lunges, squats and – you’re kidding right – another hill run? But we had to continue up all the steps at the top? Twice? That’s that Lindt bunny taken care of, no probs.

I thought I’d feel triumph and relief and all sorts when we finished our last stretches – but actually I felt like I’d just started something. I’m going to keep going to Buggyfit twice a week. I feel amazing. I’m sleeping better. I’m worrying less. I’m full of energy and I feel good about myself. I knew before the weigh-in that I’ve reaped the benefits, so I wasn’t too hung up on the final figures. But I was very pleasantly surprised…

I have lost seven pounds!

I have lost three inches from my waist and an inch from each upper arm. My legs have stayed the same.

So thank you Wendy for coming up with a cunning plan to keep us all dedicated through the horrendous weather. I’ve really enjoyed it. In fact, I did my own little Buggyfit session in the park this morning. Here’s to a fitter 2012!



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The Herald Mum Blog mention

Our discussion about whether under-2s deserve Christmas presents prompted my friend Cat to write another great column in The Herald.

You should read it!

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Do under-2s deserve Christmas presents?

I’ve been invited onto the MacAulay and Co show on BBC Radio Scotland tomorrow morning to discuss this – and would love to hear what you think!

So what do you reckon? Can you get away without giving them anything? Should you spoil them on their first Christmas? Let me know by commenting below!

What? No presents?


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My First Blog Award – Liebster love!

Considering I woke up to snow and fought through it with a pram to a class that was actually cancelled – this has really made my day:

I’ve received a blog award!

Thank you so much London Mum – whose blog I always enjoy. The thought that it’s not just friends and family who read this AND someone likes it enough to nominate it for an award is just great!

It’s called the Liebster Award, it’s for blogs with 200 followers and fewer and requires you to spread the word by nominating five other blogs – so here goes:

Wife in a New City

Carole Finds Her Wings

More Than A Mum

Dorky Mum

A Modern Mother

You should check them out if you have the time, they’re always a good read.

This also seems like as good a time as any to remind you about the SIGN ME UP! button up there on the right – if you like my blog you can get an email each time I put up a new post. Whenever someone clicks that button it feels like a wee award in itself – so please click it if you like!



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