Blogs I love

If I had the time I would spend all day browsing blogs and following comments to the author’s blog and generally meandering happily through the blogosphere…. But I have a very small child and a business to run.

So here are my picks of the blogs that, if your time is limited, you should prioritise:

Mum blogs: – I found Debbie’s blog when I was first pregnant and wanted reassurance that I wasn’t going to change beyond all recognition once I became a mum. I love her style (of fashion and prose), her honesty and the fact that she’s actually Austrian.

Sporty blogs: – I became friends with Cathy through Twitter and her blog always makes me laugh. She’s a runner, but not in that “I’m much fitter than you and I run marathons for fun” kind of way. She kind of reminds me of AA Gill’s columns, where the intro lasts until nearly the last paragraph.

New experiences blogs: – I found Marie through a comment she left on MetMum and I just really enjoy following her journey as she adjusts to a life in Washington DC. We’re the same age and I spent two years abroad, so I relate. She writes beautifully and finds beauty in really unusual places. – I found this blog through a comment left on one of Marie’s posts and was just delighted. It’s written really stylishly by a woman whose husband inherited a Scottish castle. I love her honesty and all the fabulous photographs.

Surely you have time to visit four blogs?!

Which others would you add to this list and why?


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