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Protected: Baby’s first swim

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In praise of the bathtub

I hope this is what's waiting when I die

When it comes to life’s little disappointments, a tepid bath is up there with soggy chips and films whose trailers steal the best scenes.

A roasting hot, bubbly, candlelit bath, with chilled out tunes playing in the background – now that is my idea of heaven. That moment of leaning back in the only-just-bearable heat, resting my head on the rim and closing my eyes as I exhale every last bubble of air in my lungs – it’s magical! There is no other way to relax as instantly and completely.

Now that I’m 31 weeks pregnant, I’m appreciating this zen-like experience on a whole new level. I felt actual joy the first time I realised that the upside of having the heating on almost constantly was instant baths. Usually I’d have to decide an hour in advance when I wanted to soak so that there’d be enough hot water in the tank. One of my friends bought me The Sanctuary’s Mum-To-Be range for Christmas, which includes bath salts, so I have been generously sprinkling them and indulging in a bath nearly every night. It’s actually getting to the stage where I look forward to seeing my tub more than my husband at the end of a day’s work!

The funny thing is, now that I’ve fully appreciated how much this small experience enhances my life, I’m completely reconsidering my view of a water birth. My sister-in-law has done it twice and swears by it, while I’ve always shied away from the mere thought. All that gunk floating in there with you? But if the key to a good labour is remaining calm and breathing deeply – well, I’ve just argued that very point.

I’d be very interested to know if anyone’s had a water birth and if it is, in fact, just as soothing as a bubblebath?



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The first kick

The first kick feels like a bubble popping

For a couple of days now I’ve been feeling uncomfortable – bloated, a bit crampy and like my skin’s stretched too tight.

Last night I could not settle. My stomach was upset and I couldn’t find a comfy position in bed. Eventually I sent poor Rod down to the kitchen to put the pack of oats in the microwave – you know the kind you get inside a cuddly toy that you can use as a hot water bottle?

I lay with the pink bunny pressed against my belly and thought “It’s OK wee baby, we’ll feel better soon” and then – pop!

This wasn’t the same type of gurgling that was troubling my stomach, it was right up against the warmth and felt like a big bubble had gently popped against the bunny.

“Rod!” I shook him awake – “I think I just felt the baby move!”

Hot not-cross bunny

“That’s just your stomach, I can hear it rumbling,” he muttered sleepily.

“No! It felt different – it was in a different place!” I started giggling and he propped himself up and smiled at me. “Really?” He put his hand on my belly but couldn’t feel anything.

“Cool babe.” He took my hand and drifted back off to sleep.

I smiled to myself. 19 weeks exactly. It’s going to be punctual, just like its mummy.


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