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No room for the muse…

The muse has temporarily deserted me.

I used to really look forward to writing a new mum blog post, those days something funny happened or life taught me a valuable lesson. It would be a treat to open the laptop, upload the photos and indulge my creative writing hobby while the wee man slept.

Maybe that’s been the problem – the lack of sleep.

The naps – those wonderful oases in our crazy days – are long gone, and this summer the 12-hour-straight slumbers from 7.30pm have also disappeared. Some nights it’s been 9pm before he’s finally conked out, only to be up again three hours later. Those nights there’s just time to eat something before passing out ourselves.

But something else pretty big and important has taken over my life recently, and it’s no exaggeration to say it has totally floored me. Pregnancy.

It’s been a totally different experience from first time round. I haven’t enjoyed it at all. I’ve felt generally under the weather the whole time – bone tired, over-emotional, nauseous, achey and completely lacking in energy. I’ve fought it, of course. I’ve taken the supplements, eaten healthily, drunk lots of water, tried to stay active (even though my pelvis has had to be realigned and I’m doing physio every day) and clung to my perspectacles. I’ve made huge efforts to stay rational, to count my blessings that the baby’s been growing healthily, to control the tears and rages, and to continue to be a good mum to the wee man. It’s been a huge effort, especially for a woman with no energy.

Filming for the local business news broadcast - and hiding the bump!

Filming for the local business news broadcast – and hiding the bump!

My business, meanwhile, has taken off. It’s been the best trading year yet. It’s been my escape, living three days a week in a world where success can be measured and to do lists can be achieved. I’ve formulated and delivered effective strategies, returned to some proper journalism, met interesting new contacts and received praise for jobs well done. I’ve felt in control and successful, a nice contrast to toddler battles and a body that challenges me in some new way every day.

mummykimmy press call

Now though, I am four weeks away from my due date. I have finally, and reluctantly, gone on mat leave. The wee man has moved up a class at nursery and now goes three and a half days, which are more evenly spread out during the week. We have found a second babysitter – a trainee paediatric nurse who lives locally – and who the wee man loves. The sleeping has improved – though he is still up once or twice through the night – and even I have to admit that the headspace freed up by not working has allowed me to relax a bit.

Four weeks to go...

Four weeks to go…

I’ve bought myself a new notebook, glued the scan pictures into the first pages and started writing lists. Baby names, suggestions from other mums, things to organise before the wee one arrives… and I’m excited! I’m looking forward to having time alone at home to nest. I can’t wait to go through all the wee man’s old baby clothes and wash anything white, yellow or green. I’m delighted the joiner is coming to build a fitted wardrobe in the baby’s room and paint the whole place white. I’m even up for the challenge of scrubbing the pram and car seat.

I feel a sense of achievement already. And maybe the muse is returning…


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Choosing a nursery

It was a surreal experience obediently following a chatty young woman through rooms draped with crepe and filled with children.

“Do you have any questions?” she perkily asked.

“Yes – what the hell am I doing here?” was what I didn’t say because I was trying very hard to pretend everything was totally normal.

I have a 14 month old child and I need to find him a nursery so that I can cope with the extra work I have slogged my guts out to win from several new clients.

I am not a child myself, however much I feel it. I am responsible for a hell of a lot all of a sudden, including a small person and a business. Therefore I have been diligently researching inspectorate reports, doing my sums, forward planning workloads and now visiting nurseries.

So far we’ve seen three, but the one I’m most excited about is scheduled for tomorrow. It’s the only one I had heard of when I started this sobering journey, so there’s a certain comfort in that. It’s also the closest, sits halfway between affordable and extortionate and the two staff I met when I popped in to make the appointment speak beautifully. I know we’re not really allowed to say things like that. The thought police forbid it. However, I am a journalist and a grammar pedant, it’s important to me that the wee man learns to speak properly.

I’ve been interested to see a baby asleep on a changing mat (that’s pretty bad, right?), toddlers with their hands pressed against the window watching other children playing outside and nursery staff whose breath smells strongly of cigarette smoke.

I’ve spent the first 14 months of the wee man’s life keeping him away from all conceivable dangers. I’m not prepared to hand him over to anyone who isn’t professional. Private nurseries are businesses and pretty lucrative ones at that. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the one I choose to have the same high standards as any other business I choose to spend my money with. The stakes are never higher than when they involve your children.

I’ll post tomorrow when we’ve visited the magical fourth – fingers crossed!Image


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