Like father like son!

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I had always secretly thought that newborns looked a bit like prawns. I could never understand when people said “Oh he’s got his daddy’s nose” or “Gosh – he’s got your eyes mummy” – to me they all just looked the same. Everyone’s been telling me little F is Rod’s double – and I’m happy to believe them, although I never saw it myself… Until now. I have just found this photo, I think I took it a few days ago, and look at the smiles! I stand corrected – he is his father’s son!

Double trouble


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One response to “Like father like son!

  1. carolyn

    hi kim and roddy,
    super of you to send a thank you so quickly and how you still find time kim to keep up this fab blog astounds me. It’s lovely to hear your news and see the pictures of your ‘bonnie laddie’. Look forward to seeing yourselves and family soon.

    well done, congrats and love to all,

    Carolyn xxx
    p.s. I loved the honesty of your comments.

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