Body issues

It’s been 11 days since I gave birth to the gorgeous little F, and I’m finally beginning to feel like my body’s my own again. I underestimated the battering the human body takes after the birth – but, having realised this, I then overestimated how long the suffering would last! I have made it through the sore breasts, aching muscles, tenderness, headaches and general weariness with the help of a few random items – and would thoroughly recommend them to any expectant mothers:

My survival kit

Savoy Cabbage Leaves

You’re probably wondering what the hell – and Rod cracks up when I sit there like some kind of vegan Princess Leia – but they really work! I keep them in the freezer and find them really soothing (although I do smell a bit like cabbage for a while after).

Jug, pint glass, straw

Remember when you were eight and drank everything through a straw? Why don’t we do that any more? When your movement’s reduced because you’re in pain or you have a small child clamped to you, straws make all the difference. Plus you can drain a drink much faster and it’s really important not to get dehydrated.


Thank you Vick (my sister-in-law) for giving me this. The first few days would have been agony without it. It really soothes cracked skin and it’s safe for the baby’s mouth too.

Paracetamol & Nurofen

Brufen! How I’ve missed you! I’ve spent nine months making do with Paracetamol! Sometimes, when I’m feeling really self-indulgent, I take Paracetamol and then, a couple of hours later, take Nurofen too. The relief is wonderful – and I’d make a terrible martyr.

Breast pads

I may be slobbing around in my PJs but a girl has some dignity.


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  1. I’m finding the best thing about starting to get my body back is that I can get into some of my real clothes again. I’m still wearing maternity jeans and leggings but some of my normal tops now fit again. It’s SO nice to be able to wear normal clothes at last!

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