The wee man’s first week

The paediatrician gave Finlay a clean bill of health, so we came home on March 30 - Daddy's birthday!

Finlay slept all the way home in the carseat - seems he's as happy in the car as Daddy!

Finlay had his first bath - he screamed a bit but overall we think he liked it!

He watched his first film - Daddy's all time favourite (can you guess)?!

Finlay met all his family - including Great-Granma!

He cracks mummy up when she burps him and he makes his Budda face 🙂

It was sunny on Saturday so Finlay made his first trip outside (well-wrapped up, sorry about the hat wee man)

He's so alert - he loves looking at the colours and shapes on the mat Auntie Mhairi and Uncle B gave him

He's definitely getting the hang of sleeping

And mummy is totally besotted!



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3 responses to “The wee man’s first week

  1. Christina Hughes

    Aw Kim he’s gorgeous! Bless x

  2. Congratulations! Sorry these are late but delighted little Finlay is healthy and you are well and the birth went well. Wishing you all the very very best, xx

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