Sleep Training Live: Night 1

Laying the foundations

The wee man picked out his own sheets – he chose the ones with penguins and polar bears on them. Christmas in May, fine. We named all the animals. We introduced them to his special cuddly toy, they told him secrets, they wanted him to stay in bed with them all night. He was very taken with the elaborate drama (or maybe more amused by Mummy’s imagination) but there’s no doubt the message has gone in.

Sleepy time

Daddy took over. He put him to bed with no fuss and read a story in a monotone. The wee man was asleep within 15 mins and Daddy crept out with minimal floorboard squeaking due to strategic stickers he’d applied earlier.

8pm and all’s well.

Check back tomorrow for the night report. *thinks positive while shuddering*

Click here for part 2



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