Sleep training live: night 1 part 2


We had just switched off the TV. I was putting the last dishes in the dishwasher… Footsteps.

“And so it starts,” I said, as Rod rolled his eyes.

The wee man was standing in the upstairs hall clutching his teddy. I stayed silent, picked him up, placed him in bed and tucked him in. I sat just inside his door on the stool. He turned back and forth in bed and sighed a bit.

I heard something slip to the floor. It was his duvet. He lay still on his bed without it for a while as I debated whether to get up and put it back. Then the deep breathing began. Could it be?

But now what do I do? He’s asleep on a bed without a cover over him. It’s not that hot in here. Do I put it back now and save myself getting back up in an hour when he’s cold? Or do I take the gamble?

I decide to let sleeping dogs lie…

Click here for the night report


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