Sleep Training Live: Night 10

(Catch up on the story so far: Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4, Night 5, Night 6, Night 7 and Night 8)

The beady-eyed among you will notice Night 9 is missing.

That’s because it was too horrendous to write about.

In summary, we went cold turkey on the stool and it was awful. The first time he was up, he got out of bed 140 times. I only counted to keep myself from losing my sh*t. Even though he did eventually stay in bed and go to sleep, he was up again an hour later. The neighbour’s lights went on and everything. So, lesson learned, the stool stays.

Sleepy Time

A real challenge. I am particularly annoyed about this as we had cracked it and had it down to 10 minutes. It was partly due to a half-hour kip in the car and partly (probably) due to last night’s emotion.


He hugged me so tight as I picked him up and put him back, my heart split a little bit. He stayed in bed though and I only had to sit on the stool for ten minutes.


Rod’s alarm woke him. Rod put him back, he didn’t get out and Rod only had to sit briefly on the stool. He managed to creep about getting his gym stuff together and down the creaky stairs without disturbing either child, which is to be applauded.


He turned up and climbed in before I could react. I didn’t expect him to fall back asleep, but he did, so that was probably bad. I got up at 7 for my shower and he sat dopily by the door, looking very cute indeed.

I’m feeling quite encouraged. I’m sure that if we stick with the putting back and stool routine we’ll get there. There were no histrionics whatsoever last night, so the neighbours got their sleep, which is a bonus.

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