Sleep Training Live: Night 8

(Catch up on the saga so far: Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4, Night 5, Night 6 and Night 7)

Sleepy time

Textbook. I put KD down easily and Rod took care of the Wee Man. He was back downstairs in record time. We actually sat down at the table to eat our dinner (beef stir-fry if you ask) and have a proper conversation.


The Wee Man had a new trick, chucking his teddy down the stairs and then wailing for him. There were general shenanigans, but only for five minutes. He gave up and stayed in his bed pretty quickly. His cold meant he snuffled and shuffled for longer than usual, but I crept out without detection and was back in bed by 2.


Rod’s turn. As if by magic he was back in bed beside me. “That was quick!” I murmured. “Yep, no bother,” he said.


Wake-up call. He sat in bed for all of ten minutes scrolling through YouTube (yep, I’m that mum) so we got up. Not a bad night all things considered. Can I psyche myself up for ditching the stool tonight?

Find out here


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