Sleep Training Live: Night 5

(Catch up on Night 1, Night 2, Night 3 and Night 4)

Sleepy time

I hit a wall. I was suddenly bone tired. Even Lucas had been testing me today, desperate to veer off and do the jumps instead of concentrate on the flatwork in the field. Rod, bless him, put both boys to bed AND made dinner. I was in bed by 9.50. Rock’n’roll.


He appeared in our room and I blearily remembered I was supposed to be intercepting him. He put up a small fight – I think it was ten times and the duvet and pillow were the only things he threw. I stopped off in KD’s room to give him a bottle.


KD started wailing. The wee man got up. More screaming but for a shorter period.


Up again. I began to lose faith in humanity and wondered if we could sell up and move to a beach. Rod dealt with the Wee Man, I sat with KD.

3ish I think

Rod got up. There was no screaming but I was woken by an icicle climbing in beside me. “I fell asleep on the stool,” he mumbled.

I’m so tired. I’m wondering if I’m getting anywhere with this. I’m also dreading tonight because Rod is away overnight and I have them, solo, all day today. I think I might run to my mum again.

See how I get on here


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