Sleep Training Live: Night 4

(Catch up on Night 1 here, Night 2 here and Night 3 here)

Sleepy Time

I was out for dinner with a friend so Rod was in charge of both. KD went down without a fuss and Rod just took the Wee Man straight through to his room afterwards (we normally have a 15 minute gap). He didn’t get out of bed and Rod was back downstairs by 8, which I think is a record.


Rod was making the lunches (I was still drinking Prosecco and gossiping) when he heard the footstep. In his words: “I shot up there to catch him before he properly woke up.” He went straight back down and Rod only had to sit for five minutes on the stool.


He appeared by my bed, determined to get in. Trying to lift him was like trying to move a comatose drunk – he would just go floppy so I couldn’t get a hold. The screaming started. KD woke up. The rigmarole of getting up, throwing the duvet around and rattling the blinds began. He even threw his little wooden chair across the room. I placed it out in the hall, stayed calm and put him back. 43 times. He was just settling when Rod got up to see to KD and, on hearing dad’s footsteps, he got out again. It was after 2 when I finally got back into bed (having only just dodged the wooden chair booby trap I had inadvertently laid for myself.)


I nudged Rod. He intercepted the Wee Man in the hall, put him back and was back in our bed in minutes.

And here is Rod’s theory: If you catch him before he leaves his room, he isn’t properly awake and goes back to bed without a fuss. I agree and think there is also an element of playing-up-for-mummy at work here, particularly because I dared to go out last night. Tonight we’ll put this new theory into practice and see how we go.

Judge for yourself here


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