Aberdeen with a baby – for good

So there I was, juggling eight or ten balls, when someone threw in a flaming torch.

Two weeks later, despite a few singe marks, I’m chuffed they’re all still in the air. The ‘flaming torch’ was in fact Rod’s dream job, so really there was no option but to accept that our 6-month secondment had turned into a permanent relocation.

Some parts of this have been easy. My first choice of nursery was able to accommodate the wee man on the days I wanted within a month. The letting agent said he could have our Glasgow house rented within 6 weeks. The mortgage advisor said the figures stack up.

Some parts of this have been hard. Rod’s working six days a week and I’m 150 miles from home. We need to get a builder to fix a wall before we can rent. I have to pack up an entire house and figure out what to keep, where to store it and when to move it. We have to go through the process of finding and buying a house in a new city.

Both the wee man and I have had a rotten cold this week, so I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself and dwelling a bit too much on the negatives. But I always come back to the conviction that this is the right move for us. It’s a great city with a much more optimistic atmosphere than the rest of the doom-and-gloom, recession-hit country. I’ve already made friends, I’ve already uncovered business opportunities and I can feel the potential of living here. The hard parts are only temporary, we can fix the wall, hold a car boot sale and buy a fabulous home. We’ve decided to rent our Glasgow house furnished, so I even get to legitimately use Pinterest and come up with a whole new interior design for our new lifestyle!

I’m lucky that I have a toddler to break the ice (God knows he’s been breaking enough other stuff). It’s easy to meet people when you’re all clutching a coffee and making sure they don’t go down the slide head-first. I’m looking forward to buying somewhere big enough to have people to stay and friends for lunch, with a garden for the swing and the beach nearby.

Meanwhile I’ve got the handyman booked, the paperwork spread out on the desk, some Ikea storage boxes and a string of email alerts pinging. Wish me luck…

the road to aberdeen


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