F for First Birthday

I thought I’d be a glass case of emotion, crying and snottering for days. In fact the overwhelming feeling this whole week has been relief. Weird huh? Not at all what I expected on such a milestone as the wee man’s first birthday. Everyone kept saying “God it’s been a quick year, hasn’t it?” No, I really don’t think so. I have never learned so much in such a short space of time. I’ve never had to adapt more completely to a new situation – and I’ve lived in two foreign countries. All the cliches about becoming a new mum are true and so I reckon the feeling of relief is down to the fact that I feel like I’ve passed. The wee man is thriving, the house is still standing, my business is still going, my husband hasn’t been completely neglected and my waist is actually 2 inches smaller than it used to be! I’m doing OK. The precarious balance of our new life as responsible adults feels sturdier every day. And man am I smitten. I’m sorry, but I have the cutest baby in all the land. He never stops smiling! He sleeps all night, naps regularly, eats well and entertains me from the minute his wee pudgy arms reach for me and wrap around my neck until his wee thumb goes in after his teeth are brushed at night. So Happy First Birthday angel, thank you for turning our lives upside down, the ceiling is much more fun.

The Wildlife Park was a big hit for his birthday treat!

Big cuddles for Fun Aunt Lis at his party

Hanging out with his girfriend Ruby



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  1. What a great party.. and an even better first year! more adventures to come…. x Tricia & Ruby

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