Mother and son time

I woke up this morning and switched my phone off. No emails, no tweets, no Facebook nonsense – I was fed up with all of it, I was going to have a day just the wee man and me. I packed us a bag, stopped off at the bank to pay a visa bill cos the online payment I set up didn’t work and drove the hell out of Glasgow.

The rainbow stayed with us all the way to Finlaystone. I didn’t care that it was drizzling, I was desperate to see the daffodils, hear the river and breathe fresh, damp, earthy air. I parked, paid our entrance fee into the honesty box and bumped off down the track, the wee man’s head on a swivel taking it all in.

I’ve been going to Finlaystone since I was tiny, so I don’t know if it was the familiarity, the tranquility or the solitude that made me feel so relaxed – probably the combination. And when the wee man fell asleep, clutching his toy and sucking his thumb, I just sat and looked and appreciated.

When he woke up we had a picnic in a leaking greenhouse. Then we went back to the car, where I changed his nappy on the backseat. I wasn’t ready for our magical day to end so I decided we’d go for a coffee and to see the horses at Ingliston

We sat together on the couch like pals, talking nonsense and playing. I shared my carrot cake with him and drank my coffee while he chewed Sophie giraffe (not My Little Pony, waitress, he’s a boy) but his favourite bit was watching the show-jumping. He was properly awe-struck. He didn’t utter a peep for twenty minutes and craned his wee neck to follow the horses round the course. He was in the car-seat all of three minutes before he conked out. Best day I’ve had for ages.



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5 responses to “Mother and son time

  1. Expat Mammy

    Sounds like truly lovely day

  2. What a lovely day. Sometimes you just need a day like that – no Internet, no distractions, just quality parent-child time somewhere nice. Lovely photos too!

  3. Looks like a great day. The rainbow and waterfall photos are amazing. Judging by your little man’s smile, he appreciated the day, too 🙂

  4. that rainbow photo is amazing!

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