Fit your own oxygen mask first

I ate my breakfast at 12.10pm today.

Here’s why:

and on and on and on….

All I wanted was for this to magically fill

As I have tried to explain to my poor, long-suffering husband – it’s not what I have to do it’s how much I have to do. And the fact I never finish a task. Never.

I have been trying to get back to work over the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to figure out how best to wean the wee man. I’ve been trying to keep my house in some kind of order – and it’s just all too much sometimes.

But it’s OK – because I have learned some valuable lessons along the way:

  • It’s OK to spend a fortune on organic fruit purees because when you tried to make your own last night the smoothie machine woke the baby
  • It’s OK to think a smoothie machine is the same as a hand blender
  • It’s OK to think a whisk might do the job so you don’t need to buy a hand blender
  • It’s OK to spend ten quid on a hand blender
  • It’s OK to completely lose the plot when you lift the bin lid and it still hasn’t been emptied.
  • It’s OK to cry a bit when you mention the unemptied bin on the phone to your husband
  • It’s not OK to make him the scapegoat for everything that’s untidy in the house
  • It’s not OK forget to eat so that you have no fuel to deal with your crazy day
  • It’s OK to call your granma and ask her to help out with the pureed carrot recipe
  • It’s OK to ask granma how to store pureed carrot
  • It’s OK to call your dad and ask for advice on dealing with stress
  • It’s not really OK to burst into tears so that he has to pull in on the way to an important meeting and console you rather than prepare his notes
  • It’s OK to admit that you’re finding it all a bit overwhelming
  • It’s OK to ask for help
  • It’s OK to blog when you really should be tackling that three foot to-do list


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11 responses to “Fit your own oxygen mask first

  1. oh, big hugs! How strange, I’m also going through a patch of feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. I thought it was supposed to get easier as things went on! The smiles make it all worth it though don’t they?

  2. Lisa

    It’s OK to eat 2 bars of chocolate too, it makes you feel better.
    You should also look at the list of funny things your wee sister says because she actually is hilarious. Xxx

  3. dancingbeastie

    Oh good lord yes, your OKs are definitely all OK, so your instincts are all good! Your writing plummets me straight back into that exhausting and overwhelming world of new motherhood. Speaking for myself, I know that blogging might seem like time-wasting but that it is actually essential to retaining the scraps of one’s sanity! You have a gorgeous wee boy there. Hold on to that thought. He is smiley and happy and well-fed, so you are doing FINE. Better than fine. And my wee trouble-maker is now at primary school and drawing me pictures saying ‘I luv you mummy’, with that baby stage and weaning dramas just a distant memory. It’ll pass for you too. 🙂

  4. It is OK to feel fed up with it all, it really is. Children are wonderful, but all the rubbish that comes with them just isn’t.
    And you are so right to blog instead of trying to do the household stuff. Oh, and to eat, drink tea and try to feel human.

  5. oh so true!!!! was like that with my first, is like that with my second. Actually this time round I am more likely to leave her to cry for 5 minutes while I get some breakfast. Doesn’t hurt her and makes me a little more sane. That stage does get easier, I promise. All your oks are definitely ok!!

    • Thank you! I am beginning to understand that it’s OK for him to cry a wee bit while I look after myself. Still feels horribly negligent… but I know I have to get over that!

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