Change in the air

Welcome to sunny Arran

A year ago, if you’d put me in a room with five children under four, there would have been a Kim-sized hole in the nearest exit. Neither would you have caught me anywhere near a cinema at 11am nor heard me discussing personal issues like breast feeding on Facebook. As my friend Michelle commented “Boob chat before 10am? Kimmy you’ve changed”

It’s true. I have. It’s sneaked up on me and I got a bit of a fright when I saw it for myself. The first clue was when we took the wee man to Arran for the first time on Sunday. We met up with Rod’s sister and her three boys (aged 3, 2 and 6 months) and her friend and two year old daughter at the Auchrannie. Looking round at us all, I must have had a real face on me because my sis-in-law laughed and said “life’s changed, huh?”

Then there was the Newbies showing at the Odeon. I’d been desperate to see ‘Water for Elephants’ and knew I’d never get there unless the wee man was with me, so I braved the mum and baby showing. I was very pleasantly surprised – the place was nearly empty and all the mums (no dads, sadly) were very quick to settle their kids if they cried. I saw nearly the whole film!

I've always wanted a private cinema

I was beginning to accept that yes, I had changed and life had changed but actually it was all for the better… When the single most embarrassing incident of my life occurred.

I had arranged to meet an old work colleague to introduce her to Little F. We had swapped the pub for the coffee shop and the wee man obligingly slept for the first hour, despite the din, so that we could swap gossip. When he woke up and needed fed I bravely pulled out the muslin, draped it over my shoulder and started to feed him as if nothing was amiss. My friend even joked she’d be a human shield. Well, she failed. When a wee old lady came up to me saying she wanted to see the baby I tried to head her off with “He’s feeding just now” Either she didn’t hear me or didn’t give a shit cos she carried right on and, grabbing the muslin, said, “Let me just see his face” and there was my boob for the whole cafe, and my old boss, to see.

So I guess some things will never change – Glasgow will always be full of nutters and they will always find me.



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2 responses to “Change in the air

  1. Michelle Crawley

    Love that I got a mention on your blog but OMG the boob incident was witnessed by your old boss! You poor soul.

    Lets have cake, chat and baby cuddles soon.xx

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