What even is “me time”?

A powercut would be a real problem right now

My mum-in-law has been encouraging me to take some ‘me time’. I had been resisting – the thought of leaving the wee man makes me recoil – but my roots ended up forcing the issue. I cautiously booked a hair appointment. I switched salons to the one three streets from my house, painstakingly expressed a whole 40ml of breast milk to leave for emergencies and held the wee man off to feed him at the last possible moment before I left.

I sat down in my cape and plastic sheet with a tantalising pile of magazines in front of me at the salon and reminded myself how much I used to love this…

The stylist wanted to chat. He was interesting so I wasn’t bothered – at first. He was also a perfectionist, which is great when you’re getting foil highlights – just not when the clock’s ticking. He cut my hair quickly, but the blow dry was disappointing and by this point I was actually twitching. It was three and a half hours since his last feed. I shot home to find the wee man sucking on my mum-in-law’s finger – she had accidentally spilled the milk. (But she’d done all the ironing and the wee man wasn’t protesting about the replacement.)

Who would have thought relaxation could be redefined as having a small child clamped to your boob?

I am totally dreading next week’s wax…



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3 responses to “What even is “me time”?

  1. I know exactly what you mean – last week my husband took Lucy to see his Nan for a few hours so I could have some ‘me time’. I had a lovely bath and tried to catch up on some sleep but all I could think about was how much I missed my little girl and I ended up getting up and doing some housework to distract myself! I was so happy when they got home I had a little cry.

  2. well done you for making it out for some me time so soon. I think I waited about 3 months before getting my hair done (tragic for someone who is fairly hairdresser obsessed). It was such a big deal for me to leave Munchkin but I LOVED having the time to myself. Make sure you keep doing it as much as you can. They survive šŸ™‚
    Have liked reading your blog as it has reminded me very much of what the first few months are like.

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