Sweet sorrow

I left little F for the first time this afternoon. I don’t think he wanted me to go cos he peed on me twice. But I had the unique opportunity of a business meeting with potential clients who were visiting from Majorca for only a few days… I felt I couldn’t miss it.

It’s been at the back of my mind for a couple of days – and I was a bit of a stress bunny today. Everything had to work back from the 4 o’clock appointment: leave the house at 3.30, feed him at 3, let him sleep 1-3 etc etc. Of course it didn’t work out that way, for a start he didn’t get up until 9.15am. This was actually great as I got up at 8 and managed to shower, do my hair and make-up, tidy, pack for the day and have a cup of tea – hot! Then of course he wouldn’t sleep until nearly 2pm, so I had to wake him at 3 and try to persuade him to have some milk, when he was cute as a sleepy button, and then actually walk away from him, get into my car and drive. The wrench!

But the meeting went really really well. I reverted to business mode as soon as I walked through the door of the hotel. The people were lovely, the project sounded really exciting and everyone stuck to the tight schedule so that I actually got away five minutes earlier than expected!

I shot home to my boy and you know what? He had slept the whole time I was away. He didn’t even miss me.

Blissfully unaware


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