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Getting EVEN MORE Buggyfit

Borrowed from http://www.buggyfit.co.uk, check it out to find a local group

When I first wrote about Buggyfit I joked it was like Buggy Bootcamp. Well, either the instructor read my blog or I’m psychic because now it actually is.

I have signed up to the pre-Christmas, 6-week, twice weekly Buggy Bootcamp which comes complete with nutrition plan and supplementary exercises. Today was session 3 of 12 and I am quite chuffed I’m not dead yet. Far from it, in fact.

I’ve been going once a week since July and I am no longer the sweaty, frizzy, red one at the back – I’m the perspiring, curly, pink one quite near the front. So I thought I should step it up and lose those last few pounds before I pile them all back on over the festive season.

We were all weighed at the start. I was quite disappointed to see I was exactly the same weight as I was when I started Buggyfit four months ago, but as one of the other mums comforted me, we were fully clothed in winter gear. So that must count for a pound or two. The first session was three days after I returned from a ten day holiday in the Canaries so I expected it to be a bit of a kick in the proverbials. It was OK.

The second session, which I went to the following day, was a killer. Even the double-buggy mum overtaking me couldn’t shame me into running another step. Today I actually managed to do 20 press ups, 20 tricep dips, 20 shoulder pulls with the rubber band, run round the pond and then do it all over again – without collapsing! And that was after our hill runs and walking lunges…

As far as the nutrition plan is concerned, I’m pretty much following it. We were at a wedding at the weekend so I’ve written off two days but I’m back on it now. I had forgotten about the extra exercises until one of the mums reminded me today – so I’ll need to shoehorn some abdominal work, lunges and squats into my working mum’s diary somewhere.

My aim is to lose a pound a week. There. I’ve written it down so I have to stick to it. Six pounds in six weeks.

Wish me luck!


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