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Hiccups and the false drop

A couple of nights ago I went to bed very grumpy. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get comfortable and everything hurt. I lay on my side with about six pillows pushed in around me and rubbed my belly murmuring “please move, just a little bit.”

Then it did.

Step away from the lungs

I felt a kind of squirming motion and suddenly I could breathe – and was desperate for the loo. I got up amazed – my chest was so much lighter! The relief was wonderful and I climbed back into bed with a big smile on my face. It was still moving about, so I rubbed my belly gratefully – and felt a kind of pulse. It wasn’t the same as kicking and it was like it came from the back of my womb; regular and insistent. Could it be hiccups?

Eventually it stopped and I drifted off to sleep, but the next day I looked it up and yes, babies get hiccups in the womb! It’s had them quite a lot since and Rod was quite freaked out at first. “But it doesn’t breathe air, how can it have hiccups? Should we phone the doctor?” he said, as he pressed his hand on the bump and looked concerned. I was smug – my baby had dropped early and was clearly at an advanced stage of development if it could manage a bodily function like hiccups.

Four days later, I’m not convinced it has dropped. Or maybe it’s moved back up again. My ribs are aching, my skin’s tight and I’ve developed backache for the first time. I’m not sleeping through the night any more and I can’t go anywhere without a hot water bottle and bag of microwaveable beans. I’ve lost my apetite, developed a raging thirst and I really am eating Gaviscon like sweeties.

But I’m on the home straight. I’m due in four weeks and three days. Our nursery’s built, the pram is waiting and my sweet Mum has organised a small Baby Shower for me! I can cope with a few aches, pains and hiccups!




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