F for First Snow

We woke to white today and, like a child, I was excited.

Two hours later and, like a child, I was in a huff.

I hate snow. I hate dressing a baby for snow. I hate trying to push a buggy through snow. I hate feeling like every passing car is going to skid and hit us. Above all, I hate arriving only to find out the class is cancelled.

And so I trudged all the way home again, trying to cheer myself up with the thought of another coffee and a day at home with my wee one. He fell asleep just as we were arriving so I got some stuff done and when he woke up he was ready to play.

We did loads of tummy time.

We practised sitting in the bumbo chair.

We practised sitting with no bumbo chair.

We read stories in Spanish.

And then the best thing ever happened. I picked him up and he reached right round my neck with both arms, pressed his wee mouth against my cheek and didn’t let go. It was the best kiss and cuddle I’ve ever had.

Who needs a Baby Sensory class when you can have one-on-one time like this?!



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2 responses to “F for First Snow

  1. Bless him – what a cutie! That sounds like the perfect end to the day. 🙂

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