Sleep Training Live: Night 2

(Catch up on Night 1 here)

Sleepy time

It took the Wee Man a good hour to get to sleep. He wasn’t carrying on, he was just tossing and turning. I was off riding and KD was asleep, so Rod was probably delighted to have an hour on his phone without anyone nagging him to put it away. Dinner was late though.


His brother woke him. KD has a chest infection and was coughing. He had woken himself up with it and the whimpering was turning into a proper cry, so we were just about to go into him when we heard the footsteps.

13 times.

How’s that for progress?! Even the screaming was half-hearted. I sat on that stool waiting for the deep breathing and could hear KD settling too. I crept back to bed feeling triumphant. But wait…


I lost count. I also, almost, lost it. I could feel the mask slipping. I resorted to putting my fingers in my ears –  the screaming was so piercing. He was properly raging with me. Somehow – I think it was actually thinking about all you guys and your supportive comments – I stayed silent and calm and he did, eventually, give up and go to sleep. It wasn’t over though, the door creaked as I tried to escape and a “mama?” whimper foiled it. Another ten minutes on the stool. It was 4.20am when I got back into bed and instructed Rod to turn off his alarm. He was not going to the gym before work. I was exhausted.


He was up when he heard Rod in the shower and came into bed for a cuddle. “He shouldn’t be in there,” Rod scolded. “He’s not sleeping, just cuddling,” I mumbled. He was right but I was knackered. Must try harder.

See how it goes on Night 3 here


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One response to “Sleep Training Live: Night 2

  1. My dear friend, you are doing a great job!! Don’t give up now! Remember that nothing is forever and (maybe) more 4/5 nights of it and it is solved!! Keep the good work! I know how exausting it could be, but focus your head on the racional part of it!! I am anxious for the night 3! Xxoo

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