It’s time to start potty training – part 3

Day two and there was progress, though I wasn’t sure there would be until lunchtime.

It was another lovely hot sunny day, so we were outside from 9am, though over the next three hours he seemed to develop Potty Fear. This may be because at quarter to nine he grabbed himself, ran to the toilet, peed a little as he stepped up, slipped on it and sprawled across the toilet with his head in the bin. I persuaded him to sit on the moulded seat but he cried and complained and was not interested in singing the pee pee song.

Over the course of the morning he would hide to pee or point-blank refuse to go near the potty, even though he would tell me when he needed. I was getting a bit upset about it all, until, just before noon, I managed to grab the potty and catch the last of his stream in it. I was delighted he didn’t stop and run away, he just kept going, so I decided this was a bit of a breakthrough and made a big deal of it. He was delighted, we danced around and kissed and cuddled and took the potty to the toilet to flush it down and wave bye bye to the pee pee. He then got two chocolate buttons and did a little funny dance around the kitchen. Adorable.

Mummykimmy playing on the deck

We played all afternoon and I managed my Catch the Flow trick twice more. Both times we had big celebrations and I noticed he seemed less uncomfortable with the potty as a result. He’s still happier to go and stand by the toilet on his step, though he’s yet to get anything in.

At 2.15, shortly after a two-chocolate-button moment, he was running in circles round the whirligig pole in the middle of the patio. He stopped and I asked him if he needed a pee pee? He shook his head, started running again and, like a trotting pony, plopped three little poos behind him. I’d been dreading this moment so was very relieved at the lack of drama and the easy-clean surface he’d chosen.

Mummykimmy playing with shaving foam

At half four I realised too late that he was looking for something, and he started to puddle on the deck. Luckily the potty was within reach (hidden behind a box of toys though) and I managed to catch half the flow so the wee soul could have his chocolate buttons. He really is trying.

It may be slow, but there is progress happening. He also surprised me today by picking up a tangerine, wandering off with it and bringing it back to me half peeled! I watched as he carefully removed the rest of the skin and ate the segments as if it was no big deal. It was to me! He’s never done that before and on a day when I’m obsessively watching for any step forward at all in his development, this was a wee bonus.

Mummykimmy tangerine peeling

I’m definitely much calmer than I was this time yesterday. I feel much more positive and on top of things. I accept it won’t be done and dusted within three days but I’m satisfied he understands what we’re trying to do and that he’s becoming more familiar with the sensation of needing to go. Rod’s off tomorrow and we’re both looking forward to a whole day in the garden, just the three of us.

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