Daddy’s Boy

A lot’s been happening this week. The wee man caught a heavy cold and a stomach bug, I landed two new clients and Rod worked six days late, once having to stay overnight after an 18hr shift.

Yes I am sitting here with a gin and tonic.

Two extremely tight deadlines, a poorly baby and an absent husband meant I wasn’t going to sleep well anyway and the wee man agreed. He was up during the night every night – his best performance being the 1am – 4.10am shift on the night Rod was away. His eating habits regressed to the fussiness that inspired this post and I resigned myself to relying on Calpol to get us through the week.

Then it all changed.

Last night he slept 12 hours straight. Today he ate porridge, toast, yogurt and an orange for breakfast; two slices of toasted cheese and an apple for lunch, two oaty bars for his snack and three fish fingers, a bowl of boiled potatoes, a load of peas, another yoghurt and a banana for dinner.

You know what did it? Daddy.

Daddy bathed him, gave him his milk and put him to bed. Daddy played with him, took him for his first haircut and gave him all his meals. Daddy was there when he went to sleep and there when he woke up and that’s what made the difference.

I’m not bitter about this. Trust me – I got a good night’s sleep and I could stop worrying my child was going to waste away. It’s more that I’m intrigued. The wee man has always adored his daddy, they are very close and I’ve always loved that, but this seems like an extreme reaction. We all want our parents when we’re ill, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. And I know he loves his mummy too – his reaction when I pick him up from nursery proves that. It’s just amazing to me that a 17 month old can have these kinds of thought processes. Rod is going to be working this way for another couple of months so we’re going to have to come up with some kind of timetable to make sure the wee man gets enough Daddy time. In a way I’m quite pleased this has happened – it’s so easy to give in to work demands and let family come in second. This has reminded both of us where our priorities lie.


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