Fed up with feeding

This is a rare sight these days:


Mealtimes have become a real battle lately and I’m running out of tricks and patience.

It all started on holiday – he started to take exception to the spoon, so we just made every meal finger food. Then this happened:


He couldn’t have said “What the hell is this?” any clearer, really. It coincided with a squealing phase, which was no doubt encouraged by the wonderful accoustics in a room that was tiled and vaulted, so we just put it down to General Holiday Excitement.

When we came home he had an upset tummy for a few days, so that was the new excuse. Now he has a cold, so it could be down to that… But JEEZ I wish the kid would just EAT! I’ve tried everything from distraction with TV programmes and toys, to offering grown-up food with a fork, to dancing around and singing, to giving him tiny little sandwiches, to just ignoring him completely. The fact remains that if I want to force him to eat a whole meal it will take me an hour and 15 minutes, Waybuloo on loop, a box of toys and an energetic dance routine. I just can’t be doing that in public. But if I don’t, this happens:


Yesterday Rod was working late in Aberdeen so my dear friend Mags pitched in. She’s a classically trained actress who’s just finished a highly successful run in the National Theatre in London’s West End. Needless to say, Finlay ate his entire meal in record time, so fascinated was he by the all-singing, all-dancing cabaret she improvised. If only I’d had the foresight to tape it.

As her booking fee and travel costs from the Big Smoke are a little beyond my daily budget, could anyone (and I mean ANYONE) make any suggestions as to how to persuade my little angel to eat his tea? Cos right now he is seriously unimpressed.




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2 responses to “Fed up with feeding

  1. Karen

    Hi, what a horrible time you’re having! Having brought up 2 children and now with 2 grandchildren (one being weaned now) I would suggest that he has now got used to the entertainment as part of his meal time. Our mantra has always been “no child ever starved itself”, so my suggestion would be to go back to bowl and spoon and calmly feed him. If he refuses this, quietly with no fuss put finger food for him. if he refuses to eat, calmly take him out of his chair and explain that meal-time is over and then he’ll have to wait until the next one. To keep yourself sane, plan an outing so you’re not tempted to give in. No snacks until the next meal! He’ll soon get the message once he feels hungry, but I think you’ll need to stick to this for a few days if necessary otherwise you’ll be trying all sorts of things and he’ll just get confused as to what mealtimes are all about.! I hope this works for you – Good Luck!

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