Two achievements (kind of)

It might not sound like much – but I achieved two firsts this week:

I built the wee man’s first high chair

and I managed to walk round the park with the pushchair AND the dog



Actually I nearly built the high chair. I broke a bit off and had to wait for Rod to come home and get a screwdriver and take a bit off to get the broken bit back on. But I attached the legs and arms.


When I was in the park a big wolf-like dog went for mum & dad’s dog and I had to grab his collar and the pram while the owner smirked and told me to let go because his dog thought mine was ‘being submissive’. I nearly cried, but I held it together until the arsehole wandered off and I had to walk through a massive puddle to get away.




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3 responses to “Two achievements (kind of)

  1. Jen Johnston

    Hey hon, Jen here! Just been reading through your blog and its fab! The wee man is looking so big we must catch up soon. Girls are doing great, more and more amazing by the day. Will txt Rod and see if we can organise a get together,
    Lots of love, the Johnstons xxxx

  2. Kim this is very interesting. A reason why I have always been put off having a baby is that I could never imagine being able to control my wayward dog and negotiate a pram at the same time…well done, I understand your sense of achievement and I like that you used the word arsehole in your blog(cos he was) X jacqui (as in Michelle Flynn’s pal)

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