Dear green places

Don't worry, the brake is on!

My life used to have two speeds: stressed and bored.

I set up my business after walking away from a job after months in which the petty politics had stressed me to breaking point. Finding clients and building my reputation in my new role was both exhilirating and exhausting. When I ever gave myself time off, I’d get restless and worry that I should be working. When I was in work mode I crammed my days full of meetings, research, work and networking. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t really slow down and worked on projects until 11 days before my due date.

Now that I’m “off” the pace of my life has slowed dramatically. I walk everywhere, I haven’t set my alarm for weeks, I rarely plan beyond tomorrow and I have rediscovered my love of parks.

Glasgow means ‘dear green place’ and the place is full of them. It helps that the weather has been Mediterranean for the past fortnight. The blossom has burst out, the trees are suddenly dripping with acid green leaves and the sky is as blue as the wee man’s eyes. I have been absolutely loving having the freedom – and the time – to enjoy the great outdoors in the middle of the city. I have even learned the muslin-over-the-shoulder trick so that I can subtly feed little F in public. I’ve been doing that American thing of saying hi to everyone I pass and feeling lucky as I push F by the workers scoffing their sandwiches on benches. That used to be me. But mostly I’ve been loving discovering a new speed for my life: peace.


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