Lucky ladybird?

I am now 9 days overdue.

I’m trying very hard to stay calm, eat well, sleep, stay active. I’m fighting the crazy hormones which make me alternately want to cry, scream, break things and lock myself in a dark room until labour commences.

This afternoon a ladybird landed on my bump. I have a bit of a thing about ladybirds – they’ve always brought me luck.

So please, God, let this be a sign that my baby will be arriving soon!

Lucky ladybird?



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2 responses to “Lucky ladybird?

  1. Waiting sucks! I’ve never been very good at being patient and it feels like I’ve been waiting for my baby forever, and I’m not as overdue as you (only 5 days) so I can only imagine you must be suffering even worse.

    Fingers crossed the ladybird will indeed be lucky and that you’ll get to meet your baby soon.

    Emma x

  2. Ladybirds are always a good sign. Love and hugs for you, don’t worry, you’ll be fine, and you’ll hold your beautiful little bundle of joy very very soon.
    PS: Having a good cry didn’t make the baby come in my case, but it definitely helped making me feel better.

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