Overdue & overwrought

My due date has been and gone with a Red Nose on.

Although I’ve had plenty of Braxton Hicks over the last two weeks, junior isn’t showing much intention of appearing.

I’ve been getting loads of calls, texts, tweets and messages from friends and family. The best ones say things like: “thinking of you”; “hope you’re not too uncomfy”; “let us know if you need anything”. I don’t so much like the “any news?” messages and the “keep me in the loop” ones are worst of all.

I know they’re all very well-meaning and I’m lucky to have so many people care, but those last ones make me feel like I’m failing somehow. I’m keeping people waiting (which I hate, I’m always early), I’m not holding up my end of the bargain and I must explain myself. It’s like the boss is calling to ask why I’m still off sick.

I know I’m overreacting. I’m hormonal, bloated, uncomfortable to the point of being in pain and, despite my hypnobirth training, more than a little bit apprehensive about what lies ahead. Really all I want is to be left alone to slink off into a dark quiet place and do what I have to do. Then I’ll be able to emerge into the light with my gorgeous baby and share all the joy in the world.

Please let that day come soon.



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2 responses to “Overdue & overwrought

  1. I can’t say “I know how you feel” yet but I know I’m hoping my baby comes on time. My due date is this Wednesday and I’m dreading exactly what you describe if it’s late – people constantly asking if there’s any news. As you say, it’s only because they care, but I suspect I’ll feel just like you do if our baby is late – like I want to crawl off by myself and just get on with it.

    Hope things start happening soon!

    Emma x

  2. I have been there too and it has been awful. The waiting game is a stupid game to play. Even without people ‘putting pressure on you’. In the end, I refused to pick up the phone. Hang in there, you’ll be a mummy sooooooon!!! 🙂 xx

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