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Going with the flow

The smoke alarm has just gone off.

It’s 12.50pm, I’m drying my hair in the living room and ignoring the chatter from a little man who’s supposed to be napping upstairs. He’ll never sleep now, but instead of mentally rearranging my day I’m deciding that’s just tough. I’m trying this new thing, you see, called ‘going with the flow’.

At Buggyfit this morning two friends and I were discussing how we pack everything in. One’s starting swimming classes after a morning Gymboree session; the other already does swimming classes and wants to do an extra Buggyfit session in the morning, but can’t figure out how to squeeze in naptime. None of us had quite figured out how the new, later, Buggyfit start time of 10am is going to affect The Routine. One had had to wake her boy from an early nap and I had had to lay out my clothes for after my shower and prepare lunch before we even left to make up for the half hour we’d lose after the class.

It’s ridiculous.

If you’re reading this as a parent you’ll get it, if you’re reading this as a single you probably won’t. Because it’s ridiculous. When did I become the woman who dries her hair in the living room at lunchtime? But I have been driven to this craziness by the fact that the wee man needs a nap before he goes to the afternoon session at nursery and I need to wash after my morning exercise and make myself presentable for work in the afternoon. So this is how I do it. I’ve eaten my lunch with the wee man at 11.45 so that I can use naptime to get myself organised. And blog. Yeah, I’m totally going with the flow.

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