Hello 1.1.11

Launching a wish for 2011

It was our last Hogmanay without responsibility and my first without a drink for about 16 years!

12 of our best friends had rented a cottage up north, but we’d decided to have a quiet one this year – dinner with our family and the TV on at the Bells.

Rod and I got quite emotional at midnight – 2011 is going to be a huge year for us. We also have six weddings this year – all our best friends are getting married! (Yes, I’m wondering how quickly after giving birth I can employ a personal trainer!)

So after a sip of Champagne, we went out into the garden and Rod and his two brothers lit a Chinese lantern. Watching it float away, we wished for our wee one to be a high flier and for our engaged friends to have a flying start to their married lives.

Happy New Year everyone – what are your wishes for 2011?



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2 responses to “Hello 1.1.11

  1. I just wish that everyone stays happy and healthy. Happy New Year!! xx

  2. Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and Rod and the new addition to the family! Six wedddings and a baby sure sounds like a very busy year 🙂

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