Maternity fashion – still not convinced

There's no escaping it

I have a confession to make – I thought if I just bought my clothes a size bigger, I’d be sorted. Same me, just a bit bigger round the middle.

When I admitted this to my friend Kirstin, who was asking why I kept fussing with my waistband, she burst out laughing. “Did you think you knew something no one else did?”

So I hold my hands up – the original plan was flawed. As I approach the five month mark even my leggings are getting a bit uncomfortable and my jeans, well, I’ve folded them on a high shelf and I’m trying not to look at them.

Yesterday I cautiously typed ‘maternity fashion’ into Google – and was very pleasantly surprised with what popped up. I was taken with Seraphine and their 20% discount made buying (gulp) maternity tights and maternity leggings a little less traumatic. It’s a strategic move – these basics will allow me to continue wearing my favourite sweater dresses without cutting off my own circulation in size 10 leggings or fussing with tights whose waistband will stay neither up nor down.

So I feel I’ve made a bit of a breakthrough. I’m beginning to accept that my body is changing and I need to make (short-term) allowances. But there’s a problem. I’m going on holiday in a week and I need to make a swimwear decision. Should I demurely cover up or brazenly sport the same bikinis as usual?

I think I’ll wait til my purchases arrive and I’ve actually worn my first maternity garment before tackling that one.



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4 responses to “Maternity fashion – still not convinced

  1. Thank you for your e-mail and your lovely comments about my blog. Popped over to see what yours is about. Great idea to catalogue your pregnancy. I wish I’d known about blogging when I was pregnant and could have recorded what it was like. And all the things no one ever tells you (who knew I’d go off chocolate?!)

    Good luck with the pregnancy and hope everything goes well for you. I’ll try and pop in from time to time to keep up.

    WM x

  2. I have been like you and preferred to cut triangles into the waistbands of my tights – rather than buying maternity tights. Silly me, I know. I did wear all my sweaters and sweater dresses throughout the pregnancy. And I cannot advice you to do the same thing. Unless you are prepared to throw them out after the baby has arrived. There’ll be a bit of fabric hanging loose around the belly area… x

    • Hmmm, good point. Maybe I’ll ration my sweater dresses… The maternity tights were a disaster by the way – that huge belly panel just means there’s even more fabric to fall to your knees, I spent the whole day hiking them up and ripped them in the process, so £12 wasted. Sigh. x

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